Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

I have been terrible and not written about a birthday party I went to last month.  A friend of mine was celebrating her 40th birthday a little early.  And several other friends came in from out of town for the party.

Kellie is not only a friend but she was also my ZTA advisor back in the day.

Isn't that the cutest cake?

Sorry for the darkness of the picture.  The group of ZTAs celebrating.

Texie & the birthday girl.

W and her new fiance P.

And the award for the best looking ZTA family goes to us.  
W my big sis, Texie the aunt, N the grand big, and me.

It was a great night to spend with friends and to celebrate a special time with our friend.  


  1. Cute cute cute!

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Linda Cardellini?

  2. Oh that's so fun that you are still close to your ZTA family! Love that photo!!


  3. What a cute cake. I need to find you in the photo.

  4. So much fun! I always love reconnecting with my sisters.