Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gotta love it

I am cold natured. I have never hidden this fact. I have worked in the same office for 10 years and in the same general area and even then places are colder than others. Most of joke around about leaving the building in the summer to thaw out. I guess some in the management office (which is onsite) realized yesterday after lunch that the 100 degree days are starting early. They were doing something in an area near me. Well this morning we come in to my side of the floor is like a meat locker. While the opposite side is like a sauna. No lie I have been wrapped up in a blanket I keep in my cube and the space heater going and can't get warm. All this dust they are kicking up has got to be what is causing my sinuses to go crazy since yesterday afternoon.
Good thing the ice cream party was yesterday. Though the break room is on the sauna side so I might just need to go and see what we have left when I go back in from lunch.

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