Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gang of Outlaws


Tuesday night was girls night out.  S got of some tickets to the Gang of Outlaws concert.  They were lawn tickets at Snowden Amphitheatre.  We got a great spot on the lawn when we got there after stuffing ourselves full of Mexican food.  There were five us who went.  Mrs. P, P, and D.

Our spot was great for seeing the performances but not so great for pictures.  
Gretchen announced during her performance that she had started her own record label.  Redneck Records.

This was the best shot I could get of 3 Doors Down.  And about all I saw of the show.  During their performance and ZZ Top everyone in front of us was standing up.  

The best part of the show ZZ Top.  We only stayed through half of their show.  D had hurt her knee and didn't want to get stuck in the crowd leaving.  

S & I 

When we were leaving I got a look at the bike, Citizen Soldier 5 (the link will take you to the site to buy a ticket), that 3 Doors Down are actioning off for their Better Life Foundation.  It is a custom built by Bourgets Bike Works in Biloxi, MS.

It was a great night out.  And I got to go to a concert this summer.  

*from Google.  The rest of the pictures are mine

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