Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Update

I had a busy weekend at least for me.  Friday I spent part of my day volunteering to set up Taste of Hernando. It was a fun evening.  I got to try some new beers and some new restaurants.  There were also some great items up on the silent auction tables.  One of the hottest items on the table was

A lot of craw fish could be made with this pot.  

There were also tickets to ZZ Top and Brad Paisley concerts this summer.  I really debated putting in a bid for the ZZ Top tickets but chickened out because I was not sure who would go with me.  I totally missed the tickets to see Brad, so sad it would have been a cheaper way to go as S and I decided not to go for the cost.  Maybe there is still a chance of winning tickets to a concert this summer.

S and I took a break during set up to go find her a dress for the event.  While she was busy trying on dresses I found some new bling.

I already had an outfit picked out and I found some perfect accessories for the evening.

Saturday morning I got up and bummed around a bit until I had to head down to Hernando for H's first T-ball game.  I stopped by the farmer's market on my way and picked up some yummy bread from LaddyBugg Bakery (one of the vendors from the night before).

H up to bat.

Waiting on first base.  Did I mention the game was at noon?  And we had near or record highs all weekend.

G had his own adventures while big brother played.  And trust me if he didn't think you were paying much attention he did his best to get on the field to pay too.

Riding the dolphin.   

Other than the heat it was a blast.  The kiddos are so cute at this age. One kid was told to run home from thrid base and he went straight for the dugout.  But S did realize she didn't think to ask if I wanted a team shirt.  She is now checking to see if there is a chance I can get one.


  1. I would totally go to a ZZ Top Concert!! And that H looks to have a future in baseball - check out his swing! Despite miserable temps, looks like y'all had a terrific & busy weekend :)

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. I would love to win that pot!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend and how awesome is that pot! xo

  4. My husband would love a pot like that for crawfish. :)