Sunday, May 20, 2012


I received an email a couple weeks ago, along with the rest of the alums that IO has email addresses for in the area, stating that their is a possible extension opportunity for ZTA.

There are 3 or 4 ladies coming down from IO to meet with the Ole Miss officials Tuesday.  This is really exciting news and something we have been waiting to hear for a couple years.  I hope it works out that ZTA is selected as the one to be the next sorority on campus.  I am not sure how many other groups are talking to Ole Miss but of course I am partial to the one they should choose.

The Gamma Delta chapter of ZTA closed at the end of my junior year.  It is sad to go down old row and see our house sitting there without our letters on it.  I hope one day we see them back on a house on campus.  

If any ZTAs in the Oxford area have time come by the Hampton Inn in Oxford at 7 for a meeting with the ladies from IO.  

Keep your fingers crossed we are the chosen group.

Now off to figure out a badge attire outfit to wear Tuesday night.  


  1. Oh that's so awesome! AGD has been extending to once closed chapters lately too and it's so exciting! Crossing my fingers y'all get to bring your ZTA chapter back soon.


  2. That's so exciting!!! Hope you all get to come back!!

  3. Yay for ZTA! Hope that IO comes through!! Hope you get your chapter back. I would be devastated if we lost ours! Zlam :)