Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brain Dump

** I decided on a color for my guest bath.  Thanks for the input everyone.  I went with MLS idea of some color.  Now to find the time to paint and put up the new items I have picked up.  I will reveal the color when I finally get it painted.

**The bathroom color decision started the redecorating and updating juices flowing.  Even if they partly brought on by a need.  

S picked out the shade and it has a small pattern in it so no crafting needed now.  

** I am loving the curtains on the cover of the May issue of Southern Living.  And yes I have been trying to figure out where they would work in my house.  

** Whoever mentioned the show Duck Dynasty I owe you a big THANKS!!  I finally watched a couple episodes tonight and couldn't quit laughing.  I needed that after the crazy stress of work.  If you haven't watch this show you really should.

** Tomorrow is my Friday.  I am so ready for a long weekend.  S has be volunteering Friday at an event with her.  And Saturday is H's first T-ball game.  

** The strawberries don't look like they are going to survive again this year.  I haven't gotten around to planting herbs and I am thinking I probably shouldn't stress the green thumb any more than I already am this year.


  1. I just read that Southern Living last night-so many great ideas. I love your blue room!!

  2. Is Duck Dynasty not great? A friend told me about it and I thought she was crazy but once I watched it, I was hooked. I hope you have a great extended weekend!

  3. I love the curtains on the front of Southern Living!

  4. Kelli Herrington of Southern Blessed Life blog told me about Duck Dynasty. My husband;s a duck hunter and loves it! It's hysterical, right? And I concur - I think we all want those curtains on the cover of Southern Living. How gorgeous!