Monday, May 7, 2012

April Update

I can't believe we have been through four months this year already.  I really wish 2012 would slow down a bit. I feel like I have not done anything towards my goals.  I know in reality I have even if I have not seen many changes.

I finished both the monthly challenges I took on last month.  I am so proud of myself for accomplishing that.  My arms don't jiggle as much and my thighs are slimmer but nothing came off my hips.  I slacked after the first two weeks of April in doing ab work at least twice a week.  I am down another 0.3  pounds in April.  And a major lesson has been learned that I need to turn back into a cardio queen if I want to start seeing those numbers getting bigger and the clothes sizes getting smaller. How did everyone else do with the April challenges?

I debated what I wanted to do for my May workouts.  I was trying to decide between Jillian's Kettlebell workout, Fitness magazine Summer Slim Down, and the Self magazine Drop 10 Challenge.  And the Fitness magazine Summer Slimdown Workout won out.  I love that you can watch a demo of the moves (here) on the website otherwise I would not be sure on one or two.  I am just getting around to starting it this week.

It will be a long time before I get a body like the above model if ever but at least I am taking a step in the right direction.

I also found another monthly challenge that I started but not sure I will be good about doing them everyday especially on the days I do the Fitness magazine workouts.

Is anyone up for joining me in a challenge again?

My workout jar is finally showing some progress.


  1. Ruth you are kicking ass! I know the numbers don't make you feel that way, but clearly by your comments, you are toning and that means gaining muscle. That's what's important. Kudos my friend!! I have a friend that's doing the Summer Slimdown Workout - it looks like fun! I can't wait to hear your review of it.

  2. Awesome, Girl!! I hope I can stay motivated through this little burst.
    I love Fitness magazine, too :)