Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Up for a challenge?

Is anyone up for a challenge?

Source: bit.ly via Ruth on Pinterest

Who doesn't need the extra help to look good in a tank top.

Or in shorts and skirts?

I know I am a bit obsessed this month with workouts.  


  1. Girl this looks like a challenge to me plus I could def use some jiggle off my arms. This sounds great after Easter I am going to have to get serious about this and hopefully do as good as you girl.

  2. I so need to do this...but it looks so intimidating! :) Ha

  3. Ruth, I pinned the tough arms for April and began last night! I am going to make my arm's flab my bitch. It's crude, I know, but it is so frustrating to me. You and i should cheer each other on! Let's do this, honey! love you, moi

  4. I just copied both of these to incorporate into my strength training. I'm particularly on board with more tuff butt workouts :)

  5. This looks hard, but my arms are badly in need of some shape! Dare I try? :)