Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Update

I really can't believe how fast this year is flying by.  It really needs to slow down a bit.  And it doesn't help the feeling of flying by when the weather is already almost summer like.  What happened to Winter and Spring 2012?
I am not going to lie I didn't do so well with workouts and I really have no excuse.  I was lucky to get in one  cardio workout a week except for last week.  Not good and probably helped with the gain of 0.4 pounds.  But that is giving me the motivation kick it back up for April.  But I did finish the March Mad AB challenge.  I am so proud of myself for completing it.  Not to mention it got half an inch off my abs.  And yes I sat this morning and thought about how much better that would be if I hadn't flaked out on the cardio workouts.  Did anyone else complete the March Ab challenge?
One of my other goals for the year was to spring clean one room a month.  And I flaked on that too.  But I have started doing a few things around the house each night so I am not spending a whole Saturday cleaning alone.  I will have to spend some time this week working on cleaning out the guest room closet and under the bed.  
As for my goals for April.  I still can't decide if I want to work more on toning my arms or my legs.  I will figure that out by tomorrow night.  Not that I am sure I will start then as my first goal for tomorrow is getting the yard mowed.  


  1. Im proud for you girl good job! I need to do some speing cleaning myself

  2. I second Kelli's sentiment - I'm so proud of you for completing the ab month! Holy cow, that couldn't have been easy, especially with your busy schedule. Don't beat yourself up for skipping a month of cleaning or not doing as much cardio as you wanted. The great news is that today is a new day and we've got 27 more days in April to check it of the list again. Keep up the good work, doll!