Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little This and A Little That

**I love short weeks.  And I am sure earning mine this week.  

**I am thinking of painting the hall bathroom this weekend. But first must decide what color.

The one on the right is the color I painted the guest room and an accent wall in my bedroom.  

**I found these cute cups at Wal-Mart. They were listed as party favors. I think I know a couple little boys will enjoy using these when they visit me.


  1. I really like the one on the left. But I am looking at this on my little Sony Vaio netbook, so the color might be off.

  2. I VOTE A COLOR! If it's a small bathroom, having some color in there could be really fun and it's less stressful doing a small room in a bold color than an entire wall / room. DOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!!!

  3. I can't really make out the paint chips that well, but it looks like blue & tan, maybe? I love that palette!

  4. I am always the WORST at picking colors. I should tell you one to use and then you would know to pick the other one for sure! ;)