Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Update

How are we already down 2 months for 2012?  This year is already going by to fast.  Last month is a great blur.  The first two weeks were spent in training for at 3 hours a day not to mention 5 hours one Saturday.  So that meant at the very last 9 hour days to get everything done on my desk and training.  All those hours made for some great paychecks but put me way behind on time to workout and chores.  And of course another great reward for those long hours was spending a long weekend in New Orleans with friends to experience my first Mardi Gras.
I did okay the first week of training with getting up and getting a workout in or hitting the gym on the way home.  But the second week of training had the longest days for me and I was lucky to get in the ab workout for the Fab Ab February and one night of playing on my Wii.  Not great but at least I was trying to do something even for a few minutes.  I only made it through half the ab workouts for the month.  But still somehow I was down half an inch on my abs and 0.2 pounds for the month.  Considering how little I worked out and ate well I am very happy to see that as I was expecting to see a gain.    So for the year I am down 2.25 inches and 2.7 pounds.

This month I am going to get back into the gym.  And get back into doing some strength workouts at home.  I need to get back into gear.  The not working out and eating badly have started to catch up with me.  I am feeling so sluggish.  I am going to need all the energy I can get to keep up at work going forward as we will be working through two systems now.  I found another month long ab challenge and I am determined to finish this one.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Anyone else want to join me in this challenge?

I am glad that day light savings time starts next week.  I am going to enjoy having more daylight when I get off work.  Especially now that it is time to start working in the yard (ugh!).  For even as small as my yard is I am slow with mowing and using the weeder so I have to split it up over two nights to get it all done.
What are your goals for March?


  1. I'm so glad you got through such a rough month! And super congratulations for still losing weight & inches!! That's terrific Ruth :)

  2. I like the ab challenge...I might try to do it along with you!

  3. good for you for posting this here -- i always feel like when i post things to my blog i hold myself more accountable (see tomorrow's post for an idea of what i mean) ... hope your weekend was lovely!

  4. i will totally do this too! I just need someone to show me what the heck a side plank is and how I can do more than one...

  5. Great job on losing the inches and lbs!

  6. February was a terrible month for me when it came to going to the gym. March is all about getting back on track for me, too. Congrats on the weight and inches. That's awesome!

  7. Look at you!! What planning! I am looking forward to having more daylight, too.