Wednesday, March 28, 2012

80th Birthday!!

Last Saturday we celebrated my Grandmother's 80th Birthday!! 

There was around 30 of us there.  And one of my cousins had two friends come with him to spend the week in Bama for spring break which worked out great as we were able to get a big group shot.

That is 4 generations in one photo though only about half as there was only 7 from my generation (the grand kids who could make it).  BD & I decided since we were using the steps the shortest could be in the back and the tall people in the front.  Yep we are the two shortest and tired of always being in the front.
Grandmother only invited her sister, nieces & nephews, and their spouses outside of the 4 kids and grand kids.  The little guy in the front got to come along though as it was the only way his grandparents could make it.

My grandmother is on the right and her only surviving sibling is on the left.  I never did get to ask if they planned on both wearing yellow.  

My Aunt DB rocked the planning of the party.  And the youngest of us 4 girls LG (she just got her doctorate in physical therapy).

The seven grand kids and our grandmother.  I need to work on the 4 oldest on coming more often to things I am tired of being the oldest there.  Can you figure out which one is my brother?

I love these two girls.  I wish we got to see each other more often.

Between lunch and birthday cake Grandmother gave a speech.  She said something special about her sister, kids, nieces and nephews and even their spouses.  Then looked around and said I think I got everyone.  My brother yells out that you forgot the grand kids.  She said we were just special on our own.  

The weather turned out beautiful which helped make the day so wonderful.  We got to hang out around the patio and deck all day just enjoying each other's company while making new memories and telling old stories.  



  1. Ruth, I am so glad you were able to go home to celebrate such a fabulous woman. From what I've heard you say in the past, your Grandmother is a very special lady (something you obviously inherited from her). Happy birthday to her!! Love you.

  2. Aww, that's so wonderful! Happy Birthday to your Grandmother. And what a beautiful picture of you, Ruth! Purple is definitely your color.

  3. What awesome pictures! It is always so fun to get the extended fam together. I bet you take after your Grandmother! :)
    ...Is he in the orange?