Monday, March 12, 2012

100 and Going Strong

Happy 100th Anniversary!!! To the Girl Scouts of America!

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

On March 12, 1912 Juliette Gordon Lowe gathered a group of 18 girls at her house in Savannah, GA for the first Girl Scouts meeting.  

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

The first Girl Scout cookies were sold in 1917 as a way of raising money for troop activities.  It wasn't until 1936 that they were made commercially.  I believe now they have the same name across the US but at one time each area had different names for all but the thin mints.  That was weird to get used to when moving around as an Air Force brat.  The first year I sold them in Virginia I called half of them by the name I learned in North Dakota.  

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

I remember going to the big celebration for the 75th Anniversary on the Mall in Washington D.C.  I wish I could find the pictures from then but I can't find a lot of pictures from those days for some reason.  I hope they are in the attic at my parents because I can't find them in my closet.  

I enjoyed my years in the Girl Scouts.  I spent 6 years in and learned a lot.  But when we  moved back to Podunk the troop didn't do anything but one over night camping trip in a cabin a year.  And after coming from a very active Junior troop that seemed so boring.  And of the few pictures I have here at my house I now know the troop name of my last one in Virginia.  Troop 512.

This is after our last camping trip of the year.  Not sure if this is one where we went to Hershey Park.

And by the way the sashes are so much better than the vests they  have now.  I scored some loot thanks to the cookie sales.  

We were earning some kind of fashion badge and were supposed to be going with the 1950s theme.  The funniest one was the ones for the 2000s and they went with a look from the Jestson's but I don't have a picture of that.

I also went to Girl Scout camp for 2 weeks the summer after 3rd grade and had a blast.  I was the youngest in my group.  The camp was on the Potomac River in Virginia, Camp Potomac Woods.  And staying there for the 2 weeks was so much fun and made it more fun to go back with my troop when we went each year.  I pulled up the link to the camp and it doesn't look like much has changed.

Thanks Juliette for starting such a wonderful organization.



  1. I myself wasn't a Girl Scout but I was in Savannah this weekend for a bach party and we stayed right by Forsyth Park where they had the celebration! So many cute little girls running around :)

  2. Thanks heaven for Girl Scouts because without their yearly cookies I wouldnt knwo what to do. I love me some GS cookies.

  3. Look how cute!!! I was in 4-H, but never a Girl Scout. I have, however, eaten a LOT of cookies over the years!! :)

  4. thanks for sharing the history of the girl scouts! i love knowing the history behind things. love their poster-"cookie money is camping money"