Sunday, February 5, 2012


I made it through the month of January.  I didn't make it as far as I would like with the fitness goal.  But I did lose 2.5 pounds and a total of 1.5 inches.  It is a good way to start out the year and gives me more motivation to keep going.  I hit my goal of no cokes for the whole month.  And I am going to get back on that kick after falling off yesterday during training.  I did well with eating healthy and not eating out but once a week and even made it two weeks without eating out at all.
I saw a couple ideas to keep me motivated on Pinterest.  One was putting a dollar in a jar for each workout completed and I was doing that but I don't keep a lot of cash on me so that was getting hard.

Then I saw an idea where you put a stone in a jar for each pound lost.

So I decided to combine the two ideas.  I am putting a stone in a jar for each workout I complete.  Each stone will be worth a dollar.  I have it sitting on my dresser so it is a reminder every day.

I saw a calendar on Megan's blog call Fab AB February.  It is a calendar of ab workouts for 6 days a week.  I am a little behind and will have to work to catch up on the four days I have already missed.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

My goals for February are to continue with the workouts trying to get in 4 a week.  And continue keeping cokes out of my diet.  Not to mention doing the monthly ab challenge above.
I also want to continue with my goal of cleaning one room a month and getting rid of the junk.  I got  my office done in January and it feels great to have it complete.  It is a lot less stressing to do one room a month than trying to clean the whole house over a weekend of spring cleaning.
And of course have fun in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

How is everyone else doing in reaching your 2012 goals?


  1. love the dollar in a jar idea! have you seen new girl? they have a "douschebag jar" - and every time you do something douschey you have to put money in the jar.

    so far we've saved quite a bit of money from visitors!

  2. Love the dollar in the jar idea and then treating yourself to something fun! And I just copied the ab calendar- love that!


  3. Sounds like you really have it going on Ruth! I love the stone idea. You will have that jar full in no time. I can't believe January is gone already. Where did it go?????

  4. Girl I have to say that any weightloss even if it is an ounce I celebrate! You should be so proud of youself! Im proud of you girl. Keep it up!

  5. Ditto on Kelli's comment. Pounds & inches lost are always a victory - and I love your combo motivation jars idea. Good on ya Ruth :)

  6. Those are such great ideas to actually see the pebbles or dollars in the jar. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am LOVING the stone in the jar idea. I definitely am going to do this. xo

  8. HOORAY! Any loss is FANTASTIC! I'm loving the motivation jars, too!

  9. I still haven't made any goals...yikes!