Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vacation Dreams

We were told on Friday that we must have our vacation days submitted for the year by the end of the month.  I have no clue if I can afford to go anywhere let alone where or when to go.  Oh my!  I know I am going to Mardi Gras and to the Ole Miss vs. LSU game in Baton Rouge in November but nothing else.  It has had me thinking about my dream vacations, most of which are years away if ever.

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I have been dreaming of visiting Greece since I started learning about ancient Greece in the sixth grade.

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I have also been dreaming of Egypt since the same time in my life. I don't know if this one will ever happen due to the unrest in that part of the world.

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I am part Irish and would love to see the beauty of this country.

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From everything I hear it is a beautiful country.

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There are to many places in Italy I would love to see.

I have never traveled outside the country and can't wait for the day that I finally get to. Okay maybe not all the long flights. I got my passport last year so time to start picking one to start saving towards and talking someone into going with me.

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  1. I want to go to Italy sooooooo bad!
    When you go, take me:)

    Happy Wednesday ♥

    Thanks for linking up, too!

  2. I'm dying to go to Greece! We actually went to Egypt on our honeymoon & it was amazing. Definitely keep it on your list for the future!

  3. I would LOVE to visit all of those countries! I love traveling.

  4. Stopping by from FF&P!

    I would LOVE to go to Greece-my aunt/uncle went there for their honeymoon and I was super jealous! I've been to England, Wales, Scotland and Spain. And the flights aren't so bad because usually you fly at night so you leave here around dinner time and arrive there in the morning-works out pretty good :)

  5. We totally have the same vacation dream destinations! Italy and Greece are definitely top on my list!

  6. Check out http://www.gate1travel.com/

    When we went to Ireland and did our wine country vacay I booked both trips through them. They have really awesome travel deals!

  7. I would love to go to Egypt, too! But like you I fear the dangers there.
    I would be a little stressed if I had to choose all of my vacation days for the year right now! Good luck. :)

  8. I am dying to go to Italy! That would be hard to try and figure out all of your vacation right away at the beginning of the year!


  9. I yearn to visit Egypt as well - maybe someday. I have been lucky enough to visit London, Paris and Amsterdam. All great cities!

  10. All those places are on my to visit list too, plus tahitit and Thailand! My parents are goingtomgreece this summer, I wasn't invited