Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Six in a Row

If there was any doubt in your mind who is the best college football conference the last six years should prove it.  The SEC conference brought home their sixth title in a row last night.  The only bad part about that is it meant that going into bowl season the SEC automatically had a loss on the books.

And yet another reason for people to hate the BCS championship system.  This year the #1 and #2 teams were both from the SEC.  Last night LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide played for the title.  I was torn who to pull for and ended up pulling for both teams throughout the game.  In the end people I love were going to be upset.

In the end the crystal football went back to the state of Alabama for the third year.

CONGRATS!!  To the Crimson Tide!  ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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  1. Roll Tide!
    The only time I freely admit I am from Alabama, is when it comes to football. :))