Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Road to the Super Bowl

My beloved Rebels have not had a lot to be proud of the last two football seasons.  But we can be proud of the fact that no matter what we will have two players in the Super Bowl this year.

Eli Manning with the NY Giants
Patrick Willis with the San Francisco 49s
Michael Oher with the Baltimore Ravens 
BenJarvis Green-Ellis with the New England Patriots

We also have three voted into the Pro Bowl.  Though one of these guys won't be making it if they are playing in the Super Bowl.  Congrats to Patrick, Eli, and Michael Wallace (Pittsburgh Steelers).


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  1. Our beloved Rebels will make a come back one of these days, Ruth, just you wait and see!!!

  2. As much as I love Peyton- AND I DO- I still think that his brother is a little punk from what he pulled during the draft. Yes, I don't let things go. :D