Monday, January 2, 2012

Jessica Darling Series

I love being a member of Good Reads.  My freshman roomie is on there too and one day last month a book popped up that sounded cute, Sloppy Firsts.  I was at the library later that week and looked to see if it was in. I was very happy to see that it was.  It is about a girl in her sophomore year of high school and goes through the age of 26.  

Sloppy Firsts 
Second Helpings
Charmed Thirds
Fourth Comings
Perfect Fifths

The fist in the series starts with Jessica reeling from her best friend moving to Tennessee.  Hope's parents decide after her brother Heath's overdose on drugs that little Pineville, NJ is to dangerous.  Jessica feels her life is over without Hope as she is the only one who gets her but they have promised to write each month, email and IM.  The book is mainly reading Jessica's diary she starts keeping on January 1st when Hope leaves.  Jessica is frustrated being left as the only brainy one in the group that she and Hope have nicknamed the remaining members the clueless crew.  Not only that but Jessica starts bumping into Heath's stoner friend Marcus and feeling attracted to him.  
Through the series Jessica will admit her feelings about Marcus to Hope and is relieved to find out she is not upset or mad at her for it.  By the end of Senior year Jessica and Marcus are dating and she is leaving for Columbia and Marcus to school in California.  They have an on again off again relationship for years.  After turning down his proposal in Fourth Comings you think it is the end but they reunite in Perfect Fifths which involves Jessica also trying to get to Bridget (clueless crew member) and Percy's wedding on St. John.  

Megan McCafferty did a wonderful job of bringing out the feelings of a young woman from high school through her mid-twenties.  I know I had moments of totally relating to those feelings and moments in life.  It is a very cute and quick read series.  Perfect for reading during December with the craziness of the holidays.

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  1. These books sounds interesting! I will have to check them out.