Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Healthy Update

I think 2012 needs to slow down a bit.  How have two weeks already passed?
I did well hitting my goals last week.  I went another week with no cokes.  Yippee!!  Now to keep it up.  I ended with a migraine on Thursday and had a headache again on Friday.  But it is not going to get me down.
I also hit my goal of 3 workouts last week.  I also got in an extra one.  I did fail on getting in a strength workout.  I always have issues getting in the strength I am a cardio queen.  I did get in one ab workout.  I pulled it off Sparkpeople, it can be found here.  My abs were sore for two days after doing it.  I am planning on working it in again this week.
This weeks goal is to get in 4 workouts.  Two ab workouts and one strength workout.  Keep up with the no coke rule.  As long as I don't eat out that will help me out.  Not to mention save some money.
I weighed yesterday morning.  And I am down 1.8 pounds so far this year and 0.75 inches overall.  I wish it was more but it is a good start.  I will take what I can get at the moment.


  1. Great start, Ruth! I am not a big coke person, but I do sneak in a coke zero once in a while. I haven't been doing good with my water intake. I think maybe because it is cold, and I have a hard time getting warm, so I don't want water! Keep up the good work.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm not a soft drink person-but I make up for it in chocolate :) I've been doing regular crunches trying to get my tummy back down from having a baby (talk about some tired muscles!) I've got that video bookmarked and I'm going to try it tonight! thanks for sharing it!

    (oh-and I find I drink a LOT more water when it's flavored with one of those bad for you sugary things like MIO or crystal light packages!)

  3. Wow Ruth you are really hitting the workouts hard! Kudos fabulous Lady. And congrats on the inches & pounds lost!

    4 years ago I weaned myself off all carbonated drinks too. I remember the headaches very well, but after about 2 weeks it was all over. You're almost there! :)

  4. With the holidays and Alexa's birthday, I averaged two days at the gym--and a lot of those were abbreviated workouts. I went back today, but with all of the get-togethers, I have been eating so much that it is going to be a long road back to being in shape! Plus, not practicing yoga for the first time in 9 years has left me incredibly stiff.