Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

Today starts 2 weeks of training on the new system.  i will be in training for 3 hours a day on top of my normal duties and one Saturday.  There are two weeks of long days ahead but the paychecks will be nice.

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest


  1. I love this quote, absolutely love it.
    I found your blog through Preppy Pink Crocodile's. I noticed the Colonel Reb picture and knew y'all had to be an Ole Miss fan too. It's always fun to find Ole Miss fans.

  2. Haha! Cannot stop giggling over that pin. Amen to that :) I'll be thinking of you the next 2 weeks. Get lots of rest when you can and eat well. And dream of how you'll use the extra ca$h, of course!