Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gym Peeves

There are a few things that just drive me crazy about my fellow gym members.

**I realize it is a personable choice if you smoke. I can't stand the smell of it. And if you do the smell gets worse when you start sweating. What is worse us when you can smell the person coming from a few feet away. I won't lie if I can smell the person I won't get on a machine next to me and if it gets to bad I will get off.

**Don't stand there and stare at me because you want my machine. It won't make me finish my workout any faster.

**Is there really a need for the guys lifting weights to yell so loud.

**If I can hear your tunes over mine then I feel sorry for you when you get old as you won't be able to hear.

**I don't need to hear your phone conversations. And while your at it the weight machines are not chairs please go somewhere else to talk on your phone.


  1. My pet peeve is when people ignore the 30 minute machine time limit. If the gym is empty, it is no big deal, but if all of the elliptical machines are full it bugs.

  2. Amen to all of these!! Why do I feel bad when someone comes in and obviously wants the machine I am on. So frustrating because I then end up hurrying.

  3. Oh I am sooo with you on the smoking thing! When I walk my dog and another person near me is smoking, I will cross the street or take a differnt route. I am just so sensitive and allergtic to smoke and it ruins everything when you can't feel comfortable breathing. Your hair holds the most scent I think- seems to linger for days.

  4. SO True!!!! Selfishness abounds in January at the gym!!

  5. Gotta say number two is a pet peeve of mine! But at least we're in there :)

  6. I hate when people talk on their cellphones at the gym! My gym at home has a rule that you have to go out of the workout room to talk if you need to use your cellphone!