Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grilled Peaches

i have been craving peaches for about 2 weeks.  Not sure why.  So I picked some up when I went to the grocery store this morning.  I channeled some of Tyler Florence.

Grilled Peaches

2 peaches, cut into pieces
2 dashes of cinnamon
1 tbsp. sugar
1/2 tbsp. brown sugar
1 shot of Jim Beam

I pealed and cut up two peaches.  I added a shot of Jim Beam, cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar in a bowl and mixed it up.  Added the peaches.  

I let them soak in the fridge for about 30 minutes while I finished dinner.

Grilled the peaches on low for 15 minutes.

I used the last of the homemade vanilla ice cream I made last week with a heaping spoonful of the peaches.

They turned out wonderful.  And it was a great way to end the weekend.  

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday Ad Campaign

It has been a while since I joined Trish over at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover for her Pink & Green Thursday blog hop. I have been out of ideas.  When i saw an ad for Sherwin Williams paint in my magazines it reminded me of how much I am loving their current ad campaign.

Whoever came up with the idea of using paint chips to create pictures is a genius.  

And I love that they left the name of the colors in the picture too.

A vase of flowers pretty enough to set on any table in your home.

Ice Cream sundae good enough to eat.

Do y'all have any ad campaigns that make you smile?

all pictures found on Google

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Office Update

While the parents were here we spent Saturday morning building me a new desk.  I loved all the storage the old one gave me but didn't like the look of it anymore.  Time for some changes around here.  I went looking online for a new one but couldn't find what I wanted.  So I decided there had to be a simple plan to build one.  I found a plan to build a table top desk from  Very simple to put together.  The only problem was finding legs because as it tuns out Lowe's and Home Depot don't cut the 4x4 posts it calls for but I found some furniture legs at Home Depot that would do too.

This is right after we brought it in from outside. 

This is tonight after painting and setting everything back up.  Yeah the printer if off the floor.

This is with the chair.  Notice an issue.  Yep we didn't realize how high the legs were until it was finished.  I need a new desk chair anyways.  Now to find one I like.

I also now have the problem of storage.  I am going to spend some time this weekend looking around for something to put all the desk items in.  I plan to eventually put a skirt around it.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Game Day Breakfast to Go

I got this recipe from The Deen Brothers Get Fired Up cookbook.   I decided to give this a try while the parents were here.  Daddy asked for the recipe before he was done eating his.  I didn't get any pictures because I wasn't sure how I was going to explain that since they do not know about the blog.   The brothers talk about this being a handy breakfast to grab and eat on the way to a game.

Game Day Breakfast to Go

One (12 oz) can refrigerated buttermilk biscuits (10 biscuits)
3 large eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1/3 pound sliced deli ham, diced
1/2 c. plus 2 tbsp. grated cheddar cheese

Preheat the oven to 350°.  Generously grease a 12  cup muffin pan.  Using a sharp knife, slice each round of biscuit dough in half horizontally (making 2 rounds) and place 1 round in each of 10 muffin cups.
In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt and pepper.
Sprinkle the ham evenly over the biscuit round sin the muffin cups.  top with the 1/2 c. cheddar cheese and cover each muffin cup with a remaining biscuit round. Sprinkle the remaining cheese eon the biscuit tops.  Fill the 2 empty muffin cups halfway with water to prevent scorching.  
Bake until the biscuits are golden and firm and the egg is cooked through about 20 minutes.  Let cool slightly.  Use an offset spatula to loosen the edges of the biscuits and pop the biscuits out of the pan.  Serve immediately or let cool completely and wrap in aluminum foil for the on-the-go snacking.

I forgot to sprinkle the tops with cheese but they were still wonderful.  I would place the muffin pan on top of a cookie sheet as a couple of them overflowed while cooking.  And now I need to clean the oven, one of the things I hate to do.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

For the Fall

I am looking forward to fall.  Not only for cooler temperatures but for new fall TV.  Of course the networks have already been running adds like crazy.  There are two that really stick out to me.

This just looks so cute.  I don't know why but I just can't wait to see it. 

I really like Rachel Bilson and can't wait to see what happens when she shows up in Alabama.  I just hope it doesn't show southerners like complete idiots like happens so often with Hollywood.

What shows are y'all looking forward to this fall?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Favorite TV shows - Growing Pains

I loved tuning into growing pains each week to see what trouble Mike would find and what Mike and Carol would be fighting about that week.

One episode that sticks out for me is when Mike was told to stay in his room and not come out.  And one of Tiffany's songs was playing when he woke up from a nap.  But I couldn't find a clip of that.  The only reason I can think that it stuck out to me is that Tiffany tape was the first one I bought.  

Who wouldn't want to dance around the living room and on the furniture to great music.

I always enjoy bloopers.  It is a reminder that no one is perfect.

And who made an appearance early in his career.  When Titanic came out I knew I recognized that name.  

I will admit the last season or two I wasn't as into it when they aged Chrissy to around age 5. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest room mess

With the parental units coming in a couple days I am working on finally hanging pictures in my guest room.  I never hung any back up after I painted the room last year.  Right now my guest room looks a little like this.

What it looked like at the beginning of this project about an hour ago.  

Trying to decide on the placement of the three prints.  This one is across from the bed. I have yet to put the Colonel outside in the flower beds.

Over the bed.

This is the one for across from the bed.  Still don't think I want the one in the back anymore.

The two for over the bed.  

I can't decide if I like this placement or not.  And I must figure this out by Thursday morning.  Though I admit that if I don't hate it tomorrow night this is probably how it will look with the pictures.  Any advise?  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Boy Next Door

No not next door to me.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I picked up another Meg Cabot novel from the library last week.

The book takes place in New York City.  Mel is a gossip reporter for The New York Journal who finds her elderly neighbor Mrs. Friedlander injured one morning on her way to work.  The barking of her great dane caught Mel's attention.  The elderly lady also has 2 cats that Mel starts taking care of all the animals while the cops work to find her only relative a famous photographer Max.   It takes a couple weeks much to the frustration of her best friend Nadine's frustration.  But when she finally finds the contact information for Max he doesn't feel the need to come because he has a planned trip to The Keys with model Vivica.    So Max emails his college buddy John Trent to call in a favor owed to him.  Max manages to talk John into pretending to be him so that if his aunt wakes up from the coma she will think he does care, Max doesn't want to risk losing the fortune he is to get from his will.  John reluctantly agrees to this scheme not thinking he could get into any trouble.  Unfortunately he has to meet Mel to get the keys and learn where everything is in the apartment.  They end up talking and it doesn't take long to start going out.  Against really good advise from his family he doesn't bother to tell Mel the truth.  But eventually it does come out because Vivica spills the beans after getting mad at Max.  There does turn out to be several happy endings.
The one downside which took me a bit to get used to.  Is the book is formatted as emails back and forth from people.  It took a bit to get used to.  And as it didn't have chapters either it was a bit hard to find a good stopping place each night.
The email format is easy to get past and the story is great.  You won't regret picking it up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random thoughs

**This has been a crazy week and I will be glad to see it end.

**The parents are coming to visit next week. I have to figure out what to cook while they are here and what to do with them other than visiting a place from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives my father has requested to visit.

**I want to do something in my office.  I think I am going to have my father help me build one next week.

**  This heat is insane.  And the gas price rise since Sunday too.

**The weeder died on me Sunday morning and I had to replace it.  Since then totally unmotivated to get back out in the  yard.

**I went to leave Sunday for the grocery store to find one of my windows down.  The motor is broken and it sunk down into the door.  Waiting on the part to have it fixed so the dealership has it rigged not to fall again.  Not how I wanted to spend my extra money right now.

**  I have to work at least 2 Saturdays coming up.  

**I am so excited that the new season of Big Brother started last week.  And The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles started this week.  My favorite summer tv is back.

**I am loving my new AT&T Uverse.

**After having a post everyday last week I am drawing a bit of a blank this week.

**I am not happy about the new Netflix pricing.

**  The Orpheum is playing Gone with the Wind on 8/5.  Now I need someone to go with me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Movies - Parent Trap

We all have movies from our childhood that still make us happy.  And Disney movies will always top that list.  Not just the animated movies but some of the ones from the 1960s I loved too.  One of my favorite is The Parent Trap staring Hayley Mills as both Susan and Sharon a set of twins celebrated as infants when their parents divorce.    It is also when I fell in love with the fiery red head Maureen O'Hara who plays the twins mother Maggie and Brian Keith who plays their father Mitch.  The film was cutting edge for 1961 because of using the split screen technology that allowed Hayley to play both girls in the same scene after editing.

The film has Susan & Sharon meeting at summer camp.  The don't get along and play pranks on each other that leads the camp to separate from the other campers.  It is while stuck in the cabin together they figure out they are twins.  I love scene where Sharon and her roomies wake up to a mess in their tent and to get back at Susan when they are banned from the dance wait outside until she comes out and turns her back to cut out the dress.  

It took a lot for these two young (OK one) to come together and come up with the scheme to switch places and meet the other parent.  Not to mention bring the parents back together.

A very sweet moment.  

I love this moment when Sharon after arriving in California finds out Mitch is planning on marrying Vicky.  The twins had to speed up their plan to get them back together.  

Sharon & Susan trying to recreate their parents first date with the help of the ranch hand as a gypsy violinist.

I love the tricks they play on Vicky that finally gets rid of her and opens the door for their parents to get back together.  

I also fell in love with the ranch house that Mitch and Susan lived in.  I was so sad to learn it isn't a real house but just built for the exterior shots.  Darn you Internet for blowing that dream.  

Did y'all ever see this movie and fall in love with it.  Or see the second one that came on Disney Sunday night movies in the 1980s.  I really enjoyed the second one too.  I miss those Sunday nights when Disney had movies on.  I will admit I never saw the remake of it from the 1990s and have no desire to see it either.  I am not into seeing remakes.  Though I will watch the current one if I have never seen the original and now with the joys of Netflix I can go back and watch the original to decide which is the better one.  

all videos from YouTube and the picture from Yahoo.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July Celebrations

I didn't do much for the Fourth this year.  Friday night Hernando had their annual Fourth of July parade around the square and a movie once it got dark.  This year they played Yogi Bear.  Before the parade started the Air National Guard Band was playing on the square.  And they really shouldn't try and sing Black Eye Peas.

Waiting on the parade to start

Searching for S, JF, H, and G

I got a good shot on the back on the square.

A shot of the boys.  Didn't Mrs. P do a great job of decorating the wagon?

Mrs. P feeding G a dum-dum.  

No H wasn't sharing his bread stick.  Just showing Aunt Ruthie.  

See the blanket in the corner it became a source of amusement for H.  At one point Mrs. P and I were swinging him in it.  Big mistake we really started something with that.  But it was fun hearing him just giggle the whole time.

The rest of my weekend was spent reading, a total of 3 books, sleeping and cross-stitching.  A very relaxing weekend and I really needed it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heather Wells Mysteries

I had heard good things about a book called Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot.  I added it to my to-read list on Goodreads.  I finally got around to picking it up from the library about two weeks ago.  And over the long weekend I have worked on the other two novels in the series.

In Size 12 is Not Fat we are introduced to Heather Wells a former pop Queen.   Heather has recently broken up with her fiance, Jordon Cartwright, a boy band member.  Jordon's brother Cooper comes to her rescue and allows her to move into the third floor apartment of his brownstone.  Heather has just gotten her first real job as the assistant director of a residence hall at New York College because her mother ran off with her money and her manager.  Heather has also been dropped from her record label, Cartwright Records, for wanting to sing her own songs and putting on a few pounds.  Not long after the school year starts girls start turning up dead.  It is first thought that they were suicides or accidents but Heather thinks differently and starts to investigate on her own.  After all it isn't long after moving in that Heather decides she has fallen in love with Cooper and after she graduates college they will be married and run his private investigation business together.  

The second in the series finds Heather getting to know her new boss Tom.  And her residence hall earning the nickname Death Dorm after the previous 3 murders and two attempted murders.  It doesn't take long before another body is found in the dorm.  This time it is a poplar cheerleader whose head is found in a pot on the stove of the dorm cafeteria kitchen.  Heather makes a promise to Cooper to not to get involved and investigate this time. That promise doesn't last long and she gets one of the residents Gavin involved.  In the end Heather has another near death experience and helps (unknowingly) break up a drug dealing ring on campus at the same time.  Heather's father also reappears after being paroled and Cooper allows him to move in. When Cooper takes her home from the hospital he tells Heather he really likes her but refuses to be the rebound guy.  In the last chapter Heather meets her remedial math teacher Tad.  

The third in the series starts off with Heather having a third boss within a year.  Dating her math grad teacher Tad, who is like a Greek God.  Only for her to find him murdered in the first chapter.  Once Cooper finds out he comes rushing to the residence hall, they only live a couple blocks away, to make her promise not to get involved this time.  And you guessed it that promise does not last long.  Heather's dad catches back up with one of his old business partners and has an idea they toss at Heather about staring and writing songs for a kids show like the Wiggles, which Heather turns down in the end.  I really didn't see the killer of this one.  

All of these books are very quick reads.  I read two of them over the holiday weekend.  It should be interesting to see what happens to Heather in the future and how many more deaths will happen in the residence hall she works in.  As of now it is listed on Meg Cabot's website that there is a contract for novels 4 and 5 but no release date.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Game Review

I know I have mentioned in my Move it Monday posts that I have been using EA Active 2 for some workouts with my Wii.

I picked up this game a couple months ago because I heard it would give a good workout.  And boy does it.  I have started but not quite finished 2 of the 9 week programs.  I should have started the first one at the beginners level instead of the moderate.  There have been days when I could hardly walk after doing the workouts.  This week I started the 21 day starter program and hope I can finally finish one.  
For the nine week program it starts off with 4 warm up exercises and then switches between strength workouts and cardio bursts throughout.  Each workout is a different length in time and before you start it will tell you how many exercises is involved and will count down as you progress through the workouts.  And ends with 4 cool down exercises. For the 21 day program it starts and finishes the same way but in the middle is a mix of 3 strength and then 3 cardio workouts.  At the end of each workout it will give you a review of calories burned and a graph of your heart rate.
The game comes with a heart rate monitor and a leg monitor.  I love watching the top of the screen and seeing my heart rate and calories burned change.  

So the negatives.  Don't trust what it says the time will be for the length of the workout.  It will only be the time it takes to do the exercises.  That time will not include the time it takes to switch between the workouts.  I really hate that time you have to wait.  I have started marching in place during it or getting a drink of water.   The game also comes with a fitness band that you tie to the handles provided.  I used those once because it didn't matter how tight I tied the band to the handles it would come off.  Thankfully I had some other workout bands that I am using.  You have the option to use the Wii Fit balance board, which so far I have not seen many exercises that use it.  If it is used during a workout if you don't touch it every few minutes a message comes up stating communications have been lost with the balance board which stops the workout.  I also get a communications error message if I don't touch the Wii remote every few minutes too.  Though the box shows the people using the Wii remote during the whole workout I have figured out that you only need it when it shows it for the workout.  

All and all I really do like this game and feel I get a great workout.  Now to really keep up with it so I can see results.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kitchen Dreams

With all the cooking I have been doing in the last year.  I have realized there are a few things I need that would make life easier and be able to try some more recipes.  

 A herb mincer would be a lot easier than chopping fresh herbs myself.

 A mini food processor.  I would love a big one but space is an issue until I can get a bigger kitchen.  Maybe like one of these.  

With any of these I would have room for the one item I have been dreaming of having in my kitchen for years.

What is your dream kitchen and what does it hold?

all images found on Yahoo.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Favorite TV Shows - Silver Spoons

A show I loved in the 1980s was Silver Spoons.  Not one of the classics loved by everyone but I sure did.  

One of my favorite things was seeing them ride the train through the first floor.  Which I couldn't find a single video of.  So sad.

Mr. T made an appearance in an episode as Ricky's bodyguard when his is bullied for his lunch money.

Ricky decides to try out a relationship with Grandfather Stratton against his father's wishes.  I love the guy who played Grandfather Stratton, most monotoned people I don't but I did him.

Ricky decides to listen to his neighbor that his father, Edward, doesn't love him because he doesn't punish him.

Recognize the neighbor?

It was the 80s so breakdancing was thrown in one day.  

The first time I saw the Fresh Prince and saw the guy playing Carlton I knew I had seen him in something before that.  It took a while to remember as it was before the internet.  

all videos found on You Tube

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy 235th Birthday America!!  

I hope everyone enjoys a parade.

Enjoy some fireworks!!!

Some good food.  And make it some red, white, and blue if you can.

Enjoy a day celebrating with friends and family.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I received the Sunshine Award from the very sweet Lauren over at On a Lighter Note a couple weeks ago. I have been terrible by not posting about it yet.  If you haven't checked out Lauren's blog you really should.  She did a cute post about beautifying a clock recently.

1) So for this award I must thank the person who gave it to me.  Lauren thanks so much for the thinking of me.

2)  Tell something about myself.
I am proud to be an Air Force brat.

3) Nominate 10 other bloggers

If you have not checked out  any of these blogs you won't be disappointed.