Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dreaming of

I went yesterday to finish my Christmas shopping, which so didn't happen.  But I went to Dillard's to look for a few things, no they were not for anyone who reads this blog (sorry Beth & S).  While wandering around the home department I saw a display of these

Aren't they gorgeous?  They are a new serious of of Waterford flutes that start this year and end in 2020.  This one is the Snowflake Wishes 2011 Wishes for Joy.  

I am not going to lie I was so tempted to give in and buy myself one.  I would love to have this set of beautiful flutes.  The display in Dillard's also had the pictures and names of each one in the series.  I really wanted and still do the 12 Days of Christmas series but couldn't bring myself to drop the cash for them or put them on my wish lists.  In all honesty I when that series started I was still in college and couldn't afford it or really thought of such things.  My concerns were to have the basic cooking utensils and bar ware.  I will do my usual thinking through everything before I decide what to do.  I did drop over $100 on medicine today that I so hope helps me feel better soon.

image from Waterford


  1. Those are beautiful! Love your new background honey! Kori xoxo

  2. omg how gorgeous! I'd afraid my friends would break them on me!