Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas/Birthday Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  The day was packed with opening presents.  This is the first year that we had Santa wrapped.  My parents never wrapped Santa when we were kids so my parents just left it like that when we found out the truth as it was easier.  This is a huge treat for me because normally I get to open about three Christmas presents.  I got everything on my wish list that I told people about.  I can't wait to watch The Help this weekend.  And finish up some other books to read Kill Alex Cross.
With my birthday being Christmas Day I am totally against combined gifts.  My friends do it rarely.  When S found my gift she said she thought about not getting it knowing this but decided it was worth it.  She warned me most of the month and kept promising it was worth it.  After getting it I totally agree.

It is still in the box until I get a minute to put it somewhere.  

Beth sent me two and she really had me curious too as she kept saying something was being personalized.

A beautiful throw with my monogram.  I have three things with my full monogram and I am almost positive they all come from Beth

A beautiful ZTA wine glass.

And the biggest surprise of all is I actually got the thing I was dreaming of

This was actually my birthday present.  

and with some of the money I got I braved the mall Monday and picked up another one and two old fashioned glasses (I was blinded by the flute that I didn't notice these until the booklet with the flute).

They came in these beautiful boxes that included an ornament holder and charm for a charm bracelet.

I was shocked that Dillard's had them half off with the rest of the Christmas items.  But I am thankful they did because it gave me a great start to my Waterford collection.

I also got a couple gift cards to Loft.



  1. Looks like it was a pretty fantastic birthday/Christmas! I love the monogrammed throw- timeless.


  2. Great stuff!! My birthday is today and I am against joint presents, also...unless they are really big. :) haha

  3. That Mississippi plate is amazing! Hope your Christmas and birthday was fantastic! Happy belated birthday :)

  4. What a great haul honey! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Kori xoxo

  5. Dearest Ruth,

    Wow, found someone from the Magnolia state! I got adopted by someone from the Magnolia state when I first arrived here as immigrant. A very sweet lady! Happy belated birthday.
    Wishing you also a Happy New Year and good health for you and your loved ones.


  6. Happy belated birthday, Ruth!! Great gifts .. Love the MS platter!

  7. I love that Mississippi platter! Too cute

  8. I love Waterford Crystal. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

  9. Awesome, awesome gifts!! Sounds like a great Christmas for you! :)

  10. I have such an appreciation for crystal ever since visiting the Waterford factory in Ireland. SO much work goes into every piece. I have a few beautiful pieces of Waterford and other types too. Congrats on starting your collection.

  11. Look at all your gifts, lucky girl!!!! Love that ZTA wine glass!!! Super cute!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!!!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    I'm the 27th. Love your waterford. My crystal is Waterford.

    I'm cooking your unstuffed peppers this week.

  13. I love your ZTA wine glass! One of my really good friends is a ZTA at Lehigh :)

  14. I hope you had a great birthday AND christmas!!

  15. These are great! Your friends know you well! :)