Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

** Since when is it okay to go trick or treating without a costume?  I think this is going to be my last year to deal with trick or treaters.  I had very few and the majority were teens being driven around and stopping where a porch light is on without costumes. I was taught that you had to wear a costume and after 6th grade were to old for it.

** I had fun spending all the rebate money on myself.  Still regretting I couldn't make a decision on something for the house.  

** I really have been wondering what it is like not to spend a birthday with family. With when mine is (12/25) I have never done that.  And I am beginning to wonder more what that is like and thinking of doing it.

** I love that there are two Stephanie Plum novels coming out this year.  I can't wait for it to arrive at the end of the month.

** I really wish Pinterest had an already pinned notice.  I found one outfit pinned on my style board 4 times.  I am thinking I really like that outfit.  Not to mention quotes pinned several times.  And I think I need more boards to separate all the rooms and food types.

**  I lost an inch off my waist in October.  Not sure how I did it as I was not consist with working out.  Now let's see what can happen if I jump back on the workout bandwagon.

**  Has anyone else thought that Twitter names are like CB  handles?  No I don't know where that thought came from.  I had one as a kid but don't remember it now, what the grandfathers owned a construction and logging business.


  1. I used to love reading Stephanie Plum novels! I haven't read those in a couple years, I should get back into those!

  2. Amen. We had a group of teens show up on our doorstep for candy, none in costumes, and one of them was pregnant. My jar hit the floor. I would've been embarrassed to go trick or treating when I was in high school! It's like kids (especially boys) do not want to grow up anymore, but have no prob with pre-marital sex. Clearly.

    Yay for losing inches! Good for you Ruth! And I'm jealous that you can lose weight without trying ;P

    I want one of the already pinned buttons too. I repin things multiple times as well. It's so annoying.

    When I lived overseas I spent several birthdays without family. It's not all it's cracked up to be :(

  3. I hate the teenagers showing up at your door with no costumes!! I always give them candy because I don't want to seem like a grump....but I really wanna say "c'mon guys, seriously?? go away!!" Haha at the very least show some slight effort and dress up! jeeeez.