Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Early Birthday to me!!!!

There were rumors flying since Friday night that Coach Houston Nutt was to be fired.  Some said that it was immediate and others said he would be finishing the season out.  I was going for finishing out the season as I don't think it is fair to the players or coaches this close to the end of the season.   And then the rumors started this morning that Pete Boone would be retiring.   My first thoughts were could this really be happening we are through with Boone.  And of course the added rumors were that Archie Manning would be heading up the committee to hire a new coach and athletic director.  I am not going to lie I wasn't getting my hopes to up until the 2:00 press conference happened.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Over a month early to me because the rumors were true or at least partially true.

** Coach Houston Nutt is fired after the Egg Bowl.
** Pete Boone will be retiring once his replacement is found.
** Archie Manning is co-chairing the search committee.  His co-chair is a FedEx VP Mike Glenn.

I hope we find a new AD as fast if not faster than a new coach.  I don't want Pete to be able to destroy any more of our traditions.  Now can we get Chancellor Dan Jones gone.  And most important now is that Colonel Reb is restored to his rightful place as the Ole Miss mascot.

I was more than willing to allow Coach Nutt to stick around for another year and have Pete Boone go first. I wish Coach Nutt and the rest of the coaches the best of luck in the future.  Pete just go away.

A big thank you goes out to the Forward Rebels group for keeping this front and center to the news and the administration.


  1. God bless!! So happy for you because I know how much it means! A friend of mine posted this earlier today "Adios Houston Nutt" and I thought of you! ;)

  2. Yep, Col Reb needs to be back... ASAP.

  3. Praise the Lord and pass the bourbon. It's about dang time Ole Miss.

    I thought I heard Pete Boone would still have a hand in approving the new Coach - is that true? I sure hope not. Would love for y'all to snag The Pirate! He'd fit in just perfectly in the SEC :)