Saturday, November 12, 2011

Alma Mater

Today is Homecoming at Ole Miss.  
We are playing Louisiana Tech.  

I love the feeling of being in The Grove with so many people who come for one game a year.  And the chills I get when I hear the Pride of the South band play our Alma Mater.

HOTTY TODDY!!!!  GO REBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

video from you tube & picture from google


  1. I heard the grove is an amazing place to be!! I really want to visit.

  2. Y'all have such a great band! I could listen to that on loop. I hope you have a wonderful time yesterday on The Grove. It's hard not to in that little slice of heaven!

  3. "Had" a great time, not have. Yowzers what a bad typo. Sorry about that, haha.