Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome Tide!!!

The Rebels are welcoming The Crimson Tide to Vaught Hemmingway Stadium.  
Our game starts at 5 tonight.  I won't be making it after all.  I was feeling like I was catching the stomach virus all week and decided to stay home and rest.  I will totally admit I was more interested in spending some time shopping on the beautiful Oxford Square more than the game.  Let's face it my beloved Rebels are 2-3 and the Tide is 6-0.  My firends and I were pretty sure that we would be ready to go after the first quarter.  
We have four players suspended for today's game and two are starters.  I just hope the team doesn't embarrass us to much.  

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  1. We are playing LSU tonight. I don't think it looks good for either of our teams. Feel better!