Saturday, October 1, 2011

Let's Go Rebels!!!

We are playing tonight at 8 on ESPN against Fresno State.  
My beloved Rebels are 3-1.  So sad to see.  I hope we finally get it together and win more games this year.  But if not it is time for Pete Boone and Houston Nutt to go.  More Boone than anyone as he is behind destroying our traditions.  

We need this gent back on the field to cheer us on.  The spirit seems to have left the team without him.

video from You tube


  1. At least you guys are televised, Marc is watching the Vols play on the computer this afternoon!

  2. I actually lived in Fresno, CA for a little over a year (worked there). Have family in that area too. This will be difficult but I'm going to have to pick Ole Miss. Sorry Bulldogs. We plan on sending our future kids to Ole Miss.