Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun Money

I switched cable companies during the summer and earned a decent chunk of change in rebates.  The only downfall is that they came on the Visa gift cards that expire this month.  My first thought was to do a few things to the house that I have been dreaming about because it would take less of my own money to do it.  But I couldn't decide what and now it is cutting it to close to deal with coordinating it all.  So I have some fun money to spend on other dreams.  Now to figure out what that should be.

A new purse

Le Creuset cookware pieces.  A girl has to start somewhere with them.

I really need a new pair of these.  I have the money set aside for them but can't find my size in stock anywhere around town.

Or even some new Calphalon pots & pans.

I don't have much time to decide.  Of course I will be in Oxford this weekend and could spend the money at some of my favorite shops too.  hmmm!!  I hate making decisions some days.


  1. That is fun money! Can't go wrong with any of those ideas. Shopping in Oxford sounds like a fabulous plan. Enjoy it!

  2. Oh honey, go for the Le Creuset! As much as you cook, that is an investment wourth making. I'm glad you have some fun money to spend. Enjoy every moment of these "hard" decisions. Someone has to make them, right? Enjoy Oxford and give my second home a big hug and a kiss. Love

  3. I would do the Le Creuset! FAB! Whatever you decide, enjoy it! xoxo