Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forward Rebels

This weekend my beloved Rebels take on the Arkansas Razorbacks.  There is no doubt that I love my Rebels but we are playing terribly this season so I am just hoping that we don't have a shut out.  For the rest of the season we only have one non SEC team to play.  Tough end of the year.
Don't you just love the vintage football programs?

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  1. I hope Ole Miss wins their next game. I'm crossing my fingers and toes.

    How are you doing up there? Can you believe Thanksgiving is around the corner? How is your work out routine coming along? I've added a mile to my regular jog in the AM. I think I'm losing more inches than pounds. I feel it in my clothes but the scale only says I've only lost a few lbs. It's driving me crazy. I need to drink more water during the day.

    Hope all is good.