Friday, September 9, 2011

Savannah Reid Mysteries

I was wondering the library a couple weeks ago.  And came across A Body to Die For by G.A. McKevett.  
One day I am going to realize to look and see that it is a series.  This one happens to be #14 in the Savannah Reid mystery series.  
The book takes place in San Carmelita, CA.  Savannah is a former cop who grew up in Georgia.  She now has her own detective agency the Moonlight Magnolia alongside Tammy.  She spends a lot of this novel working with her former police partner Dirk solving the death of Bill Jardin.  Bill is the spouse of a fitness guru Clarissa Jardin.  The Moonlight Magnolia agency was hired by Bill's mom to prove it was Clarissa that killed him.  During the novel her sister Marietta arrives to hide from another sister Vidalia for catching the attention of Vidalia's husband.
The novel is cute and I probably would have been more into it if I had read the previous novels.  I might go back and pick those up and read through the series.  there are two novels after this one.  And all the books have some kind of sweet in the name.


  1. oh I haven't read this one, but I've read soem of her other books, cute and relaxing. I don't like gruesome, scary mysteries.
    have you ever read any diane mott davidson?

  2. I might have to try one of these!

    xx Emily @

  3. Honey, I can always count on you to reccommend a good new series to read~and watch! The Closer is fab! I feel like Brenda at the moment: a southern lady caught up in California life...without the crime of course ;) Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Love you, Moi

  4. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog earlier, Ruth. My Dawgs need & will take all the luck & good wishes we can get these days.

    Hotty Toddy to your Rebels tomorrow!!

  5. I was a Nancy Drew freak as a this a grown up version? ;)