Thursday, September 8, 2011

Opening Day

Opening day of Rebel football didn't turn out the way we wanted.  And losing by one point hurts a lot worse than losing by more.  I asked Rebecca to wake me up from my nightmare during the 4th quarter.  There was a bear on the field and BYU was beating us it had to be a nightmare but alas it was not.  But we didn't lose the party.

TG and Brady all decked out for the game.  

me, Rebecca, and TG

Bryna, me, Rebecca, and Texie (only one is not a ZTA).

I got lucky and Crystal gave me an updo after cutting my hair Saturday morning.

A few shots of the tents around us.  I didn't get to walk around this weekend.

The people watching is always a blast.  There were some interesting outfits.  A few that reminded me of hookers and some bad 80s flashbacks.  I will do better in the future snapping photos of that.

I snagged this photo from KG's facebook page (I did tell her I was going to do it).  
I didn't see that many BYU fans in The Grove.  The couple I saw on the way to the stadium had some very shocked looks.

A few shots of the tents on the way to the stadium.

Each week a different celebrity starts the Hotty Toddy cheer.  This week we had Jack Black.  And at least that nightmare didn't come true and the bear was with him.  The funniest one would have to be Snoop Dog a couple years ago.  

The Rebels taking the field.  

Saturdays in the South with UGA Bama Belle


  1. I know you had fun, even if our Rebs didn't win. Thanks for the pics!

  2. i had the grove has one of the best tailgates in the country!

  3. Sorry for the loss... but looks like you still had a good time!

  4. So sorry for the loss - 1 point losses are hard! :(