Monday, September 5, 2011

One Lovely Blog

I received the One Lovely Blog award from Kelli at Southern Blessed Life a couple weeks ago.  If you have not stopped by Kelli's blog you really should it is to cute.

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  • Name your favorite color: Blue
  • Name your favorite song: as of now It would Jason Aldean Dirt Road Anthem or From Dixie with Love
  • Name your favorite dessert: ice cream
  • What ticks you off: People who can't drive
  • When you're upset you: take a deep breath and walk away
  • Your favorite pet: Belle 
  • Black or White: Black
  • Your biggest fear: being alone
  • Best feature: my eyes
  • Everyday attitude: just let me make it through the day
  • What is perfection: God
  • Guilty pleasure:  napping

7 Random things

  • I am the treasurer for our alum group
  • I dreamed of being a lawyer when I was little
  • I dance around the house when I am cleaning
  • I wish I was crafty
  • I became a Bears fan because it was the team that won my first Super Bowl bet with Daddy.
  • I hardly use my jetted bathtub
  • I hate fish


  1. Awe Ruth you are just to sweet. I love getting to know these things about you. I see we have so many things in common!

  2. Thanks, Ruth! I hardly use my jetted tub, too!

  3. I don't use my jetted tub often either- once a week if I am lucky.

    Fish= Eww!

  4. Thanks so much Ruth! And I agree- dancing while cleaning is the only way to make it fun :)