Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Bears

My favorite pro football team is the Chicago Bears.  

You ask how did this Southern Belle ended up being a Bears fan and not a Saints or Falcons.  Or even the Cowboys like my father and uncle.  Super Bowl Sunday was always a holiday in our house and you could stay up late to finish watching the game.  In 1985 my father decided it was time that I was old enough to bet on the game.  I was in the second grade and we bet my $5 report card money.  And since it was my first bet he let me pick the team first.  

Drum roll!!!

I picked the Bears because I love teddy bears.   My father still laughs about me picking a team because I like teddy bears and sticking with them after winning a $5 bet, which by the way it took almost 3 years to collect my winnings.  And for that matter we only bet 3 or 4 times because I kept winning.

One day I am going to get the DVD of the 1985 team doing the Super Bowl shuffle.  

Gotta love coach Mike Ditka for always telling it like he sees it.  Wonder who pissed him off that day?
Some of my most beloved past and present players

William "The Fridge" Perry 

Brian Urlacher

And the most beloved of all Bears players

Walter "Sweetness" Perry

Living in Memphis it is a real treat to see the Bears play when it is not the Sunday or Monday night game.  
I am glad I got to see the opening day game Sunday and their wonderful 9/11 tribute.

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  1. How funny, I love hearing about your bet! I am a Colts fan because Peyton Manning is my man but being that he is out with neck surgery I don't think he will be back this season at all or if ever! My husband is with the Americas team...Cowboys but we have also liked the Saints too.

  2. The bears had an amazing game last weekend-- they look good this year!

    I love the story of how you came to be a bears fan-- just as adorable as you!

  3. have you ever read Never Die Easy- it Sweetness' autobiography and it is great!

  4. hahaha I love that story! What an interesting way to have a favorite team! :)

  5. Your Bears pummeled my Falcons this weekend. Wow they looked good! I remember the Super Bowl Shuffle, too funny! Even though we are huge Falcons fans, my Dad would pull for the Bears while Kevin butler was their kicker. Those 80s Bears teams under Ditka were fun to watch!

  6. Ruth, I love the story of how the bears became your favorite Pro team. I still think it's one of the funniest, and sweetest. I can just see your Daddy being stunned as his little girl won her first bet! Love you girl!

  7. That's so funny how you picked the Bears as your favorite NFL team. Too cute! My cousin married a guy from Chicago and moved there years ago. I grew up in 49er country so it always made for a great game when they played the Bears. The phone lines were always burning up on game day, Ha!

    Do you remember that SNL skit of Da Bears? Those skits always made me roll in laughter because it reminded me so much of my family in Chicago.