Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mini Vacations

I went for the weekend to New Orleans to hang out with friends.  Saturday WL & I got up and went to Zumba (the only workout I have had in a week).  It was great to go and boy did she work us.  But then we went and blew them with sausage biscuits.  We spent the afternoon downtown after eating lunch at Parkway Bakery for Po-Boys.   after lunch we headed out to ride the trolley car.

JB looking for the trolley car.  He was so excited to ride one.  

WL and JB waiting on a trolley car.  They were pretty busy and we had to wait for cars that weren't so packed.

Can you spot the beads hanging in the tree?

After the trolley car we went to the WWII museum.  

I only got a couple pictures before finding out no pictures were allowed in the museum.  Oops!!!

After going through the museum we stopped at the Soda Shop in the museum.  I didn't get any pictures but it looked like one from the 1940s.  I got the Red Velvet milkshake.  The milkshake was to die for.  

Sunday we hung around the house and friends came by for ribs.  It was a great lazy Sunday.  I didn't take any pictures though.  I got up and left Monday when they went to work and slowly made my way back.  I took off on Highway 61 and came back up through the Mississippi Delta.  I thought I would stop at Vicksburg and see the battlefield but it has just rained.  

I saw a lot of this.

and this interesting display while at a stop light.  

It was a great weekend.  

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  1. I would have loved the WWII museum. I've never been to New Orleans, on my list of many, many places to visit!