Saturday, September 24, 2011

HOTTY TODDY!!! from Louisanna

I am in New Orleans hanging out with friends this weekend.  

Ole Miss (2-1)  Georgia 

I wish I was there in the Grove but am going to enjoy a weekend with friends.  


  1. So it was a win?? I thought maybe another loss,,,with your cute comment,,,anyway as far as I can tell,,,the party might be the best thing to win.....haha....caught up on all your latest posts so so cute,,,,what did you end up wearing,,,love all the choices and I do the same thing laugh out loud about something that even happened twenty years ago,,,my family thinks I'm crazy,,.wish you could find my daughter and check up on her for on the lookout for britton in the grove and tell her you know her momma,,,,,

  2. Oh and the fawn with the dog,,,love

  3. Im so jealous right now, I love New Orleans we go every December for the high school football games. We will be missing it this year because we are going to Vegas. Have a great week!

  4. Hope you are having a fabulous time! I am going to New Orleans in January and it'll be my first time!


  5. Hope you had a great time in NOLA.