Friday, September 30, 2011

Fair Time

The fair is in town.  We went Tuesday night.  I am loving the weather is getting cooler in the evenings.  I only got tickets to ride a few rides.  let's face it I went for an order of fried oreos which I got as we were leaving.

G and Mrs.P hanging out.  

S and H waiting for the bumblebee ride to start.

Me, S and H riding the huge slide.  It was a great leg workout getting that high up.

G only got to ride the Merry Go Round and Ferris Wheel.

Feeding the goats.


  1. How fun is that! I miss when the fair came and it was enjoyable. It is crappy here, now. I refuse to take my kids.

  2. I have to try this fried oreos that you speak of!

  3. I miss the fairs. What a fun time, I love that slide!