Monday, September 12, 2011

childhood fave

One of my favorite toys as a kid was 

If it has anything to do with Strawberry Shortcake then I owned it.  My bedroom was also all decked out in the bedding, and curtains.  

After I pledged ZTA I pulled out my twin bed sheets and took them to college with me.  

Of course in the days before cell phones my grandmother took off to do the Christmas/birthday shopping (which is at least an hour drive for her) and after seeing the Strawberry Shortcake dolls she called my parents to find out if they  had it right because the dolls were ugly.  Now I am not sure if she used a pay phone or waited until she got home.  Why would she think they were ugly? Yes I was in my teens when I found out and was still hurt for my girl.  

A set of the dolls.  My father had other issues with my beloved dolls.  My old man has sinus issues big time. And the sweet smell of the ladies and gents really messed with them.  Mainly when I would stick them under his nose saying "Daddy smell."  

I dressed up as the Purple Pieman one year for Halloween.  I don't have those pictures here.  

My grandmothers get along real well.  I have one of these dolls.  One grandmother bought the fabric and supplies and the other made them.  My beloved Nanny bought the supplies as she can hardly sew a button and Grandmother put them together.

A couple years ago Grandmother decided to clean out her attic and informed the boys to come get the stuff that was stored there or she was getting rid of it.  But gotta love no deadline on it.  In the box of the parents were several pairs of Strawberry Shortcake shoes in all different sizes and at least one pair didn't look like I got to wear them very often before hitting a growth spurt.  

I used my sleeping bags all until the end of 6th grade for sleepovers.  

Beth and I were very excited to see a lot of our beloved childhood toys come back out when Maddy was at the age we loved them.  Though I don't know about Beth but I was a little sad to see her with an updated look and a few old friend replaced.  But she is still all cute!

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  1. Strawberry Shortcake was after my time..... but so were Care Bears and I still have my two bears from high school!

  2. I loved her too! I can still remember those smells. On a side note...I set up my Strawberry Shortcake dolls and Smurf figures under the crawl space of the house and had my little sister believing they all lived under there. I was a little crafty like that! ;)

  3. I loved strawberrt shortcake too! I also had the sleeping bag among other things!

  4. Lex is HUGE into Strawberry Shortcake. Every time I go in her room, it is like a blast from the past- they even smell the same as they did when we were kids! I had the giant strawberry carrying case.