Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three Days

Three more days until

The grove is full of tents and people and the team walks down this trip of sidewalk.

The team runs out of the tunnel and touches Chucky's head.

The stadium is full of cheering fans.

Though I will always miss seeing this gent running the sidelines cheering the team on.

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  1. We have hardly any home games this year, and it's killing me! I can't wait to go to some football games.

    xx Emily @

  2. Do you see me sitting here filling with jealousy because your getting to go, and I am not? See, we have a split marriage, hubby is a die-hard State fan, and I am Ole Miss all the way. And....were only 20 minutes from State. Ugh! Take lots of pics to post, will ya?

  3. Have so much fun! I'm headed to The Plains to tailgate and I think I have tickets! Yea!!!! I love college football and tailgating and everything!

  4. we have our 1st game here in SCT this weekend too and I'm so excited, mostly for the tailgating as our ACC team isn't all that good, but I love an excuse to get a new school colors outfit!

  5. I cannot wait! I'll always be a Rebel Belle with the Colonel in my heart. He should be there still, and in my mind is our one true mascot. God Rebels~HOTTY TODDY!!

    Ruth, be safe and have a wonderful time in Oxford. Mom may be there, so please say hi if you see her! Love you, moi.