Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pleasant Evening

The last couple of days we have had some really nice weather.  Tonight I went outside to enjoy it before it starts to get hot again tomorrow.  So I headed outside tonight when I got home to hang out with Belle.
I grilled some burgers and sat down to eat while she ran around like a crazy dog.  She even played ball with me a bit.

I enjoyed some beautiful clouds

A beautiful sunset.

One of the burgers broke apart and hit the ground.  It would appear I didn't get it all up.

Enjoying the evening 



  1. It has been nice here in Georgia the past couple of nights too. I went to the Braves Game last night and the weather was just PERFECT!

  2. looks like a lovely evening! what a sweet puppy!

  3. Hmmm... It appears my blog is not allowing me to leave comments again. I thought I got that all worked out.

    Hasn't it been great the past couple of days. My hubby and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood last night. Beautiful sunset.

    Awww, Belle is so adorable. How old is she? I love the last picture. She looks like she's chilaxin.

  4. It has been sooo nice lately! I hope fall weather is just around the corner... Belle looks soo pretty just laying around! :)

  5. I hope these evenings last for a while! I am not ready to face the end of summer.