Thursday, August 4, 2011

Favorite TV shows - Designing Women

Ever since Kate over at Southern Belle Simple did a post about Delta Burke's birthday I have not been able to get Designing Women out of my mind.  So I thought I would do another post on my favorite TV shows.  How can you talk about 80s TV without the mention of the ladies of The Sugarbaker firm.

Some of my favorite moments were Julia's rants.  I always hoped to be such a strong woman.  

Sticking up her sister Suzanne no matter how they got along.

I would not have wanted to be on Julia's bad side.  

And who could forget crazy Bernice.  You never knew what was going to happen or come out of her mouth but it was sure to make you laugh.  

I still remember Suzanne going off on everyone for eating her rice cakes.  

Mary Jo deciding that power comes with the size of your breasts.  

I will admit that I didn't enjoy the show quite as much once Suzanne left.  But these southern belles will always provide a laugh.   I think it is time to start collecting this series on DVD.   

And because I am dying for football season to start even if my Rebels will look like crap again this year.  I have to share this clip.  

Wise words from the beautiful Julia Sugarbaker.

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  1. yes! I love Designing Women, I remember many evenings sitting with my mama watching it while my daddy prepared dinner. I loved Anthony and watching him put up with those crazy women.

  2. Ruth, you captured some of my FAVORITE DW moments! Oh Ray Don! I love that one so much. Glad you had good memories of the show like I did. I want to get them all on DVD so I can watch anytime. :)

  3. I just adored Suzanne! This is my ALL-TIME favorite show!

  4. Who doesnt love DW? My mom loved it and often I would watch hit with her. Brings back memories!

  5. I too am a big DW fan and just hearing that music brings back so many memories. I loved all of Delta's rants, they are definitely something to aspire to. They encouraged women to be strong and beautiful. But my favorite has to be Suzanne. I wore big hair and skirt suits trying to emulate her. It was wonderful. ha ha

  6. Oh and btw stopping by per suggestion of Southern Belle Simple.

  7. Designing Women was absolutely fabulous!! I agree about collecting the series on dvd. :) Thanks for this great post!