Monday, August 8, 2011

Crushing On

One of my favorite movies was on this weekend.

And it reminded me of the crush I have on

Josh Lucas.  
How could you not love this southern hottie?

The first thing I remember seeing him in Sweet Home Alabama.  

I am not big on a man having facial hair but I could live it on Josh.

Now if I could manage to meet Josh or another gent like him.  

all pictures from google


  1. I watched Sweet Home Alabama on tv this weekend as well! And then 50 First Dates after that.....great movie weekend!

    xx Emily @

  2. Sweet Home Alabama is one of my all times favorite too. The hubbs know if it is on TV he must stop it and let me know. I think Josh makes that movie and should star in many many more.

  3. He is adorable - and I love him in SHA! :)

  4. I saw parts of Sweet Home Alabama this weekend and am in total agreement about Mr. Lucas! Happy Monday!

  5. Oh Josh Lucas is so handsome. I have a crush on him too!

  6. I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama! I always watch it every time it's on! And I agree...he is very handsome!

  7. I have such a crush on him but I do think he looked not-so-great in Lincoln Lawyer. Love that movie.

  8. his eyes make me feel a little bit faint. love him.