Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random thoughs

**This has been a crazy week and I will be glad to see it end.

**The parents are coming to visit next week. I have to figure out what to cook while they are here and what to do with them other than visiting a place from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives my father has requested to visit.

**I want to do something in my office.  I think I am going to have my father help me build one next week.

**  This heat is insane.  And the gas price rise since Sunday too.

**The weeder died on me Sunday morning and I had to replace it.  Since then totally unmotivated to get back out in the  yard.

**I went to leave Sunday for the grocery store to find one of my windows down.  The motor is broken and it sunk down into the door.  Waiting on the part to have it fixed so the dealership has it rigged not to fall again.  Not how I wanted to spend my extra money right now.

**  I have to work at least 2 Saturdays coming up.  

**I am so excited that the new season of Big Brother started last week.  And The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles started this week.  My favorite summer tv is back.

**I am loving my new AT&T Uverse.

**After having a post everyday last week I am drawing a bit of a blank this week.

**I am not happy about the new Netflix pricing.

**  The Orpheum is playing Gone with the Wind on 8/5.  Now I need someone to go with me.


  1. Oh, that's kinda crazy about your window. Awww, I love Gone with the Wind!

  2. I'm so upset about the Netflix pricing! How can they do that to us!?!?

    And I have had some bad car trouble too....a few little problems just turned into a $1000 bill. I'm not too happy about that!

  3. Oh car issues are the worst way to spend money!

    Have fun with your parents though. Yay for daddies helping out!

  4. I had the same problem with TWO of my windows. I have a Jeep Liberty and apparently it's a common problem with this model. I called the headquarters and they fixed the problem for free (they called the dealership were I was handling it). Another friend of mine has a Jeep Liberty with the same issue and after I told her what I did, she called headquarters and they refunded her the money that she spent fixing it.

    So, I would call the car manufacturer either way. Or if it is a jeep, let me know and I will tell you the contact info for the specific person I dealt with.

  5. I am upset with the Netflix pricing too! I feel like if I have already been a member with them, they shouldn't change my price. I wondered if people would cancel their plan now?

  6. I think you should grill while the parents are in town!

  7. go for a picnic while your parents are in town. that's be something fun and cozy to do. :D


  8. Wow lots of craziness! Hope you have fun with your parents! :)

  9. Hey there, was so glad you dropped by. Sorry to see your having so many problems and having to get things fixed or replaced. Mom and Dad coming, huh? I have a wonderful recipe for chicken in the crockpot if you would like it, and you only have to add 2 things to it. Turn crock pot on, and wa-lah, it is done and delish when you get home. I would send you some fresh veggies for a salad if you were close by.

  10. I am frowny about netflix too. The problem is- there is no competition right now. The only other option we have is Apple TV or Redbox. They might force me to look into Apple TV since I love all things Apple.

  11. So beautiful! SO happy I stumbled across your blog and found such a lovely site to follow =]
    have fun with your parents!
    ps the whole idea of GRITS makes me so happy
    <3 a fellow grit

  12. I'm so unhappy about the Netflix prices rising as well. I've heard a lot of people complaining about it. That totally sucks about your window. I'm sorry. I hate it when things like that happens. I had to pay for a new alternator for my car a couple of months ago ($1200). I wish we could be more like the Europeans and have awesome public transportation. That would would rock.

    What is up with this heat?