Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest room mess

With the parental units coming in a couple days I am working on finally hanging pictures in my guest room.  I never hung any back up after I painted the room last year.  Right now my guest room looks a little like this.

What it looked like at the beginning of this project about an hour ago.  

Trying to decide on the placement of the three prints.  This one is across from the bed. I have yet to put the Colonel outside in the flower beds.

Over the bed.

This is the one for across from the bed.  Still don't think I want the one in the back anymore.

The two for over the bed.  

I can't decide if I like this placement or not.  And I must figure this out by Thursday morning.  Though I admit that if I don't hate it tomorrow night this is probably how it will look with the pictures.  Any advise?  


  1. I am not any help... I always do things in odd numbers, but I think the placement looks great! I'm envious of your guest room!

    I'm sorry about the car thing not working out. That infuriates me!

  2. Good luck! I always change my mind like a 1000 times.