Thursday, July 7, 2011

Game Review

I know I have mentioned in my Move it Monday posts that I have been using EA Active 2 for some workouts with my Wii.

I picked up this game a couple months ago because I heard it would give a good workout.  And boy does it.  I have started but not quite finished 2 of the 9 week programs.  I should have started the first one at the beginners level instead of the moderate.  There have been days when I could hardly walk after doing the workouts.  This week I started the 21 day starter program and hope I can finally finish one.  
For the nine week program it starts off with 4 warm up exercises and then switches between strength workouts and cardio bursts throughout.  Each workout is a different length in time and before you start it will tell you how many exercises is involved and will count down as you progress through the workouts.  And ends with 4 cool down exercises. For the 21 day program it starts and finishes the same way but in the middle is a mix of 3 strength and then 3 cardio workouts.  At the end of each workout it will give you a review of calories burned and a graph of your heart rate.
The game comes with a heart rate monitor and a leg monitor.  I love watching the top of the screen and seeing my heart rate and calories burned change.  

So the negatives.  Don't trust what it says the time will be for the length of the workout.  It will only be the time it takes to do the exercises.  That time will not include the time it takes to switch between the workouts.  I really hate that time you have to wait.  I have started marching in place during it or getting a drink of water.   The game also comes with a fitness band that you tie to the handles provided.  I used those once because it didn't matter how tight I tied the band to the handles it would come off.  Thankfully I had some other workout bands that I am using.  You have the option to use the Wii Fit balance board, which so far I have not seen many exercises that use it.  If it is used during a workout if you don't touch it every few minutes a message comes up stating communications have been lost with the balance board which stops the workout.  I also get a communications error message if I don't touch the Wii remote every few minutes too.  Though the box shows the people using the Wii remote during the whole workout I have figured out that you only need it when it shows it for the workout.  

All and all I really do like this game and feel I get a great workout.  Now to really keep up with it so I can see results.


  1. Oh I need to get that. We finally got a Wii!

  2. I can only imagine what this would do to me, just the boxing game made me almost die of lack of oxygen. Yes this Wii is no joke! Excellent workout for kids an adults all while having family fun. Love it