Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth of July Celebrations

I didn't do much for the Fourth this year.  Friday night Hernando had their annual Fourth of July parade around the square and a movie once it got dark.  This year they played Yogi Bear.  Before the parade started the Air National Guard Band was playing on the square.  And they really shouldn't try and sing Black Eye Peas.

Waiting on the parade to start

Searching for S, JF, H, and G

I got a good shot on the back on the square.

A shot of the boys.  Didn't Mrs. P do a great job of decorating the wagon?

Mrs. P feeding G a dum-dum.  

No H wasn't sharing his bread stick.  Just showing Aunt Ruthie.  

See the blanket in the corner it became a source of amusement for H.  At one point Mrs. P and I were swinging him in it.  Big mistake we really started something with that.  But it was fun hearing him just giggle the whole time.

The rest of my weekend was spent reading, a total of 3 books, sleeping and cross-stitching.  A very relaxing weekend and I really needed it.

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