Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Favorite TV Shows - Silver Spoons

A show I loved in the 1980s was Silver Spoons.  Not one of the classics loved by everyone but I sure did.  

One of my favorite things was seeing them ride the train through the first floor.  Which I couldn't find a single video of.  So sad.

Mr. T made an appearance in an episode as Ricky's bodyguard when his is bullied for his lunch money.

Ricky decides to try out a relationship with Grandfather Stratton against his father's wishes.  I love the guy who played Grandfather Stratton, most monotoned people I don't but I did him.

Ricky decides to listen to his neighbor that his father, Edward, doesn't love him because he doesn't punish him.

Recognize the neighbor?

It was the 80s so breakdancing was thrown in one day.  

The first time I saw the Fresh Prince and saw the guy playing Carlton I knew I had seen him in something before that.  It took a while to remember as it was before the internet.  

all videos found on You Tube

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  1. I loved that train, too. My BFF back then was OBSESSED with Ricky - seriously!! :)