Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Movies - Parent Trap

We all have movies from our childhood that still make us happy.  And Disney movies will always top that list.  Not just the animated movies but some of the ones from the 1960s I loved too.  One of my favorite is The Parent Trap staring Hayley Mills as both Susan and Sharon a set of twins celebrated as infants when their parents divorce.    It is also when I fell in love with the fiery red head Maureen O'Hara who plays the twins mother Maggie and Brian Keith who plays their father Mitch.  The film was cutting edge for 1961 because of using the split screen technology that allowed Hayley to play both girls in the same scene after editing.

The film has Susan & Sharon meeting at summer camp.  The don't get along and play pranks on each other that leads the camp to separate from the other campers.  It is while stuck in the cabin together they figure out they are twins.  I love scene where Sharon and her roomies wake up to a mess in their tent and to get back at Susan when they are banned from the dance wait outside until she comes out and turns her back to cut out the dress.  

It took a lot for these two young (OK one) to come together and come up with the scheme to switch places and meet the other parent.  Not to mention bring the parents back together.

A very sweet moment.  

I love this moment when Sharon after arriving in California finds out Mitch is planning on marrying Vicky.  The twins had to speed up their plan to get them back together.  

Sharon & Susan trying to recreate their parents first date with the help of the ranch hand as a gypsy violinist.

I love the tricks they play on Vicky that finally gets rid of her and opens the door for their parents to get back together.  

I also fell in love with the ranch house that Mitch and Susan lived in.  I was so sad to learn it isn't a real house but just built for the exterior shots.  Darn you Internet for blowing that dream.  

Did y'all ever see this movie and fall in love with it.  Or see the second one that came on Disney Sunday night movies in the 1980s.  I really enjoyed the second one too.  I miss those Sunday nights when Disney had movies on.  I will admit I never saw the remake of it from the 1990s and have no desire to see it either.  I am not into seeing remakes.  Though I will watch the current one if I have never seen the original and now with the joys of Netflix I can go back and watch the original to decide which is the better one.  

all videos from YouTube and the picture from Yahoo.


  1. ahhhh such a good movie, I can watch it over and over again!

  2. I love that movie, too. In 4th or 5th grade I had the chicken pox and watched that movie over and over and over again. A classic and a favorite!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love love love this movie!! I just re-watched the Let's Get Together seen, that's my favorite!!

  4. LOVE this movie!! it is one of my favorites... did you know there was a THIRD movie, too? it was a made for tv movie and it was EXCELLENT:

  5. I love this movie and my girls love it too. When I showed them the original Parent Trap they couldnt believe it! Great Movie

  6. Oh my how I absolutely LOVED the original Parent Trap!


  7. I LOVE this movie! (I really don't like the new one with Lindsey Lohan.) This one had such funny wonderful moments and also had every divorced kid's dream of reuniting their parents. :) I love the end when he is noticing Maggie as she cooks in the kitchen - so romantic! ;)

  8. I remember watching this movie w/ my grandma all the time, it took me forever to convince her that Hayley wasn't actually 2 people haha. I remember trying to figure out why their pool had black water too... Still not sure about that one.

  9. Good morning Ruth!!

    I loved Disney Sunday's~especially if Murder, She Wrote wasn't on. Hayley Mills brings back so many wonderful childhood movie memories, and reminds me of a time when television tried to have quality shows for everyone. My, how times have a-changed! Thanks for sharing, and for reminding me that there are great things out there to rent for our children even still. Love you!