Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Next Food Network Star

One of my favorite things about summer is it is time for The Next Food Network Star.

I love watching this show and seeing who will be the next star of the next work.  And if there is someone I won't want to see.  There have been two in the past seasons I just did not like they won and never watched their shows.  Both of those are not on the network anymore (not that I have that kind of power).

Tonight was the third episode from the current season.  I have not been upset about who has gone home at this point.  But I am sad to see that two people I have disliked from the first week are still there.  I can't stand to watch Chris or Penny.    Chris is still to much of a frat boy for me to handle.  And Penny comes across as a total b***h.  Usually it takes until about episode three before I fall in love with one person.  This year I fell in love with Orchid and Jyll from episode one.  I do love Justin D. to because he has the guts to wear some dorky looking glasses and works to have fun in the kitchen and even in the kitchen (mine always end up totally fogged up when I cook with them on).

The Food Network did make one big change in the show format this year.  They moved the show from New York City to Los Angles.  I am still not sure I am happy about that change.  I did enjoy seeing them compete in the Food Network test kitchens not to mention seeing shots of the network offices.  

Tonight's episode featured Chef Duff Goldman and Chef Robert Irvine.  I love these two guys.  I was so sad when Chef Duff ended Ace of Cakes this spring.  And I love watching Chef Robert sweat it out on Dinner Impossible.  It was also great to see Vic get to work under his idol Chef Robert.  I think that is a fun part of this show when the finalist get to work on a task and meet one of their idols from the network.  

The clips from next week show the lovely southern lady Paula Deen making an appearance.  In the preview clips it shows her telling someone "You were over before it even starts buddy."  I can't wait to see who that is being told too.

If you haven't already started watching the show tune in next Sunday night at 8.  

image from The Food Network

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